Travelling, an Experience Worth Going for with Travel Trolley

I was having not a travel freak as I had height phobia and while being in flight it would kill me. I am just thirteen years old and my family plan for vacation trip every year just because of me they tried to travel by car or train not to further areas. This time on my brother’s insistence my dad planned a trip to Far East Asia and this was bothering me a lot. Though according to my dad he reserved a reliable flight using Travel Trolley discount codes at still this was not enough for me.

I kept on making excuses of my studies and stay back with my aunt but my parents didn’t pay any heed to my excuses…

The day came when we were to depart for a very long flight for about 6 hours. This was killing me inside that how would I sit in the plane for that long and on that I having in my mind that I’m thousands of miles above ground level. No one understood my problem but according to my mum they were doing this to take out my fear and phobia for something which I never experienced.

The flight took off I felt something going wrong with my ear due to lack of oxygen but it got settled as plane took it flying mode. I didn’t sit in the corner seat as I didn’t want to see want was down there and my brother was happy that I didn’t argue sitting on that seat as he wanted to sit there.

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The flight attendants were very friendly they served us food, gave us games to play and even they put the movie of our choice to entertain us. One of the flight attendant noticed my fear and was continuously with us and she kept diverting my attention. She even took me to her cabin to show how the things were all neatly piled and when to serve and how to know which passenger is calling them.

I didn’t feel any fright now and was roaming around with such diligence that my parents were amazed to see me all relaxed. Travel Trolley made me lose the fear which I felt will never leave me and will continuously disturbing me.

This vacation to Far East Asia was the best trip I have ever been too where I got to see and witness the wonders of nature which were not known to me as I was too afraid to experience them.

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